Part# MS21260-S3LH
MFR Model# MS21260-S3LH
Part NumberCable


Clip-Locking Turnbuckles utilize 2 locking clips instead of lock-wire for safety. The turnbuckle barrel and terminals are slotted lengthwise to accommodate the locking clips. After the proper cable tension is reached the barrel slots are aligned with the terminal slots and the clips are inserted. The curved ends of the locking clips expand and latch in the vertical slot in the center of the barrel. Build up MS turnbuckle as sem blies, similar to the AN assemblies listed on the preceding page, by selecting a turnbuckle barrel, 2 end fittings and 2 clips from the components listed in the Table below. The price of the complete as sem bly is the sum of the prices shown for the components.

Example: An MS turnbuckle assembly for 3/32" dia. cable, with fork end and pin eye consists of:
    1 MS21251-B3S Barrel
    1 MS21252-3LS Fork End
    1 MS21254-3RS Pin Eye End
    2 MS21256-1 Clips
Less 10% for 6 or more complete assemblies.
Less 15% for 12 or more complete assemblies.

Note: MS21256-1 clips are short (1") and MS21256-2 are long (2").
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Always satisfied with service and hardware. Good people 😊

Robert M
March 31, 2021


Saudi W
March 30, 2021

Work great!

George D
March 22, 2021

Happy with the parts.

Eric S
January 21, 2021

These clips are the excellent came packaged well and do the trick, better than safety wiring especially in tight places. G.

George K
November 30, 2020

Worked great on 1/8 cable

July 30, 2020

Mechanic is very pleased with parts. I am very pleased with service.

William K
July 10, 2020

Fast shipping and good items~~

Yongho K
May 14, 2020

Great product but make sure you order the left and right ends.

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May 3, 2020

Perfect! Clean and ready to be installed. No problems at all.

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April 19, 2020


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Q: Do you provide cable swaging services?

Yes, we do offer custom made cable assemblies. Please click here for more information.

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Q: I am ordering 6 turnbuckle barrels P/N: MS 21251-B5S. My questions are:<br> 1 - Does this barrel take the clips? <br> 2 - If it does take the clips - Which clips, since you have 2 part numbers listed?

Yes, the MS21251-B5S uses the clips. The S at the end of the part number indicates it is a short barrel, so you would need the MS21256-1 clips.

Q: what is the diameter of the shank? The area immediately behind the threaded section?? On the 6-40 size.

The measures out to .091".

Q: Are these MS21252 fork ends supplied with a type of locking pin?

No. These are the fork only. No other hardware is included.

Q: Can you give me the dimensions of MS21252-4LS fork pin dia? fork inside dia? fork outside dia? Things like that. Thank you!

The hole diameter for the pin is .190". The fork inside diameter is .195" and the fork outside diameter is .383".

Q: Clip MS21256 - no dimensions given. What is difference between -2 and -3?

The -2 is 2" long and the -3 is 2.25".

Q: The turnbuckle component lists has a fork end MS21252-4LS listed but no 4RS. Do you carry the RS?

Yes, use part # AN161-22RS.

Q: what is the lengths of the MS21251-B5S and B5L Barrels?

B5S is 2.2" | B5L is 4"

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